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Welcome to the PathoSense blog! Here, you will discover a wealth of knowledge on microbiome research, pathogen whole genome sequencing, and intriguing diagnostic cases. Dive into our articles and explore the fascinating world of pathogens and microbiology with us. Let's unravel the mysteries together!

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PHEV in swine
PHEV, a betacoronavirus commonly found in nursery pigs, initially causes mild respiratory issues by replicating in the upper airway tract. In the second phase, it can infect brain neurons, leading to vomiting and wasting disease.

Usutuvirus is a common cause of mortality in different songbirds and has also been found in ducks. The virus is transmitted by Culex mosquitoes. Zoonotic transmission to humans is possible but the risk is very low.


Swine pneumovirus, a recently detected virus, causes deep respiratory infections in pigs. It is genetically related to respiratory syncytial viruses in humans and cattle, known for causing infectious bronchiolitis.

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