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Royal GD and PathoSense: A Powerful Partnership in the Dutch Veterinary Diagnostics Market

Royal GD and PathoSense come together in an exclusive partnership to revolutionize veterinary diagnostics using innovative nanopore sequencing technology in the Dutch Market.

PathoSense_foto nieuws

On the picture from left to right: Jan-Willem Meiburg, Ynte Schukken, Sebastiaan Theuns, Hans Nauwynck, Saskia Luttikholt & Rosalie Swimberghe.


Royal GD and PathoSense have established a partnership in the Dutch veterinary diagnostics market. Starting from 1st February 2024, Royal GD will execute the exclusive diagnostics analysis for the Dutch market using the PathoSense technology. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the field of veterinary diagnostics, bringing together the expertise of Royal GD and the innovative technology of PathoSense.

PathoSense is a novel veterinary diagnostic assay that utilizes nanopore sequencing technology. By employing Oxford Nanopore Technologies, PathoSense is able to detect all viruses and bacteria in a sample without the need for prior selection. The PathoSense sampling kit and analysis can be conveniently ordered from the GD Webshop, making it accessible to veterinarians and professionals in the Dutch market.

The partnership between Royal GD and PathoSense brings several benefits to the Dutch market. Firstly, the implementation of PathoSense technology by Royal GD ensures accurate and comprehensive diagnostics for veterinary practices in the Netherlands. With the ability to detect all viruses and bacteria in a sample, veterinarians can make informed decisions regarding animal health and treatment. Furthermore, the follow-up of results and associated advice provided by Royal GD enhances the value of the diagnostics analysis, enabling veterinarians to provide better care for their patients.

In addition to the advancements in the Dutch veterinary diagnostics market, the partnership between Royal GD and PathoSense opens up opportunities for future international growth. PathoSense will further develop the technology and expand its reach beyond the Dutch market. This collaboration paves the way for the adoption of this novel diagnostics approach in veterinary practices worldwide, potentially revolutionizing the field of veterinary medicine.

The partnership between Royal GD and PathoSense has significant implications for veterinary diagnostics. By utilizing the PathoSense technology, veterinarians can now detect and identify a wide range of viruses and bacteria in a single sample, eliminating the need for multiple tests. This not only saves time and resources but also allows for more accurate and timely diagnoses, leading to improved animal health outcomes. The introduction of this innovative diagnostics approach sets a new standard in veterinary medicine, providing veterinarians with a powerful tool to better understand and address the health needs of animals.