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Introducing new PathoSense Partnerlab: SAN Vet

SAN Vet, a division of SAN Group Biotech located in Höltinghausen, Northwestern Germany, has partnered with PathoSense to introduce our diagnostic analysis to veterinarians across Germany.

Stay tuned as PathoSense will soon be accessible at their cutting-edge lab starting in the Summer of 2024.

SAN Vet is a leading animal health business unit of SAN Group. Dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions throughout the animal production value chain, SAN Vet specializes in veterinary diagnostics, in-vitro diagnostic products, autogeneous vaccines, biosecurity, and pharmaceutical products. They serve a diverse range of animals including poultry, swine, cattle, sheep, goats, and fish. Their laboratory center in Höltinghausen provides a wide range of diagnostics: pathology, microbiology, serology, virology, and molecular biology. A skilled team of veterinarians is on hand to provide expert analysis and consultation services.

Anicon, the parent company of SAN Vet Diagnostic Lab, boasts a storied history in the veterinary field. Originally established to meet the increasing demand for high quality veterinary diagnostics and services, Anicon has since grown into a key player in the industry. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service has earned them the trust of veterinarians and animal health professionals alike. Through continuous investment in research and development, Anicon ensures that SAN Vet Diagnostic Lab remains at the forefront of veterinary diagnostics, offering innovative solutions to enhance animal health and welfare.

Currently, PathoSense and SAN Vet are working on integrating the PathoSense analysis into their laboratory services to launching the test upcoming summer. Stay tuned to our social platforms for further updates and information.